Getting to Saint Raphaël is not difficult, just select the best route from your location.

The Club Nautique Saint Raphaël is located on the sea side (for sure)

From A8 / East or East, take exit 38 FREJUS preferably

  1. follow D37 towards the South
  2. enjoy the french roundabounts ( 5 of them)
  3. then take the third exit at the fifth roundabout and follow DN7/D100
  4. enjoy again 3 roundabouts.
  5. Take the first exit at the third roundabout and follow the street “rue du Dr Donnadieu”, enjoy again 2 roundabouts.
  6. Then take the third exit on street “Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny”
  7. Enjoy again 2 roundabouts
  8. then take the first exist on street “Rue du Maréchal Gallieni”
  9. Enjoy again 3 roundabouts, you are facing the sea !
  10. Take the third exit to the East on the seaside road
  11. Go around the harbour (not the one where CNSR is located)
  12. (Promenade René Coty then Boulevard Raymond Poincare)
  13. You will see some palm trees and then to the right the entrance to the Marina and the CNSR

or: use you GPS !