Preliminary Schedule

  1. Saturday 26 August 2017 : Registrations, Measurements, Craning
  2. Sunday 27 August 2017 : Registrations, Measurements, Craning
  3. Pre-World : Training regatta at 14h00
  4. All boats craned to the water before 17h00 on Sunday.
  5. World Championship Opening ceremony at 18h45
  6. Monday 28 August 2017 : 1st warning signal at 14h00 ,
  7. Tuesday 29 August to Friday 01 September 2017 (According to notice board)
  8. Friday 1st September 2017 : Prize ceremony and official dinner at 19h30


All infos are in the document below ( do not hesitate to download it and keep it with you)

Alle Info in Dokument anbei (Englisch)

DatesWC2017eng  (english)

Toutes les infos sont dans le document ci dessous, n’hésitez pas à le télécharger et le conserver !

  Mondial Tempest 2017 V Fr  (en français)

Sailing in St Raphaël 2